Another year of success at Burgess Hill Girls

August 18, 2017

It was another year of success at Burgess Hill Girls.

Fifty five percent of girls gained three or more A*-B grades at A level and over half the year group took at least one STEM subject at A level. (55%).

Subjects that did particularly well:
89% A*/A grades in Art
Over half of all those taking A level Mathematics gained A*/A grades.

Individual success stories show that BHG is maximising the outcomes of its most aspirational students across a range of subjects.

There were 45 UCAS applications made across 35 different courses. This shows BHG’s skill in placing students on the right courses at the right universities for them.

46 out of 47 girls were placed on their firm or insurance university courses.

1. Erin Bateman: University of Loughborough to read Chemical Engineering. Achieved A* Chem, A in Maths, A in Physics and A in Further Maths AS

2. Alice Beaumont: Durham University to read Chemistry. Achieved A* Chem, A* Maths, A* Physics and A in French AS

3. Emma Clarke: Durham University to read Natural Sciences. Achieved A* in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

4. Victoria Henderson: Veterinary Medicine and Science at University of Surrey. Head Girl. Achieved A* Biology, A Chemistry, A in Physics.

5. Alice Reffin: LSE to read History, achieved A* in History, A* in Geography, A* in Biology.

6. Tanith Davies: De Montfort to study Game Art. Achieved A* Art, A in Maths and A* in RS

7. Eleanor Dalton: University of Westminster to read Journalism and achieved B in Textiles, B in English Lit and B in RS (Have included Eleanor because it demonstrates the range of courses girls get places on.

8. Tammy Chee University of Toronto to read Economics. Achieved A* Economics, A French, B Maths, A Psych – joined us from Garden School in Kuala Lumpur for Sixth Form

9. Jade Burnham: Royal Holloway to read Geography – unconditional offer. Achieved A* Art, A* in RS, A in Geog and A* in EPQ. Joined for Sixth Form from Burgess Hill Academy on a scholarship.