Bede’s Computing Pupils visit Imperial College London

December 28, 2017

This term, Bede’s A-Level Computing pupils visited Imperial College London (ranked fifth in the country for Computing and first for research quality) to expand their knowledge on Computer Science in real-world situations.

The lectures covered topics such as the application of Computer Science in research for cancer treatments, human behaviour and crowd management.

The final part of the day featured a session with previous Principal Moderator and Principal Examiner, Paul Long, to advise attendees on the best methods to tackle upcoming examinations.

Jake Simmons, Upper Sixth pupil at Bede’s, attended the trip.

He said: “The lectures allowed us to see the large impact that computing can have outside the classroom, as well as how computing can integrate with other subjects. The session with Paul Long was very useful to all the pupils in the room, giving us an insight into the mind of an examiner, and also giving us hints and tips for how to achieve our highest potential grades at A-Level.”