Bede’s looks ahead with Fast Future Publishing

February 28, 2018

Steve Wells from Fast Future Publishing visited Bede’s on Tuesday 20 February to deliver a talk for our Lower Sixth pupils entitled ‘A Different Kind of Future’.

Steve also gave us two futurist books by Rohit Talwar, ‘The Future of Business’ and ‘Beyond Genuine Stupidity’.

Steve’s talk (which was organised as part as the Bede’s Sixth Form Diploma) discussed the changes that may well take place in our world come 2035.

As a futurist, Steve explores how developments such as AI, robotics, exponential technologies and disruptive thinking could impact individuals, societies, businesses and governments of the future.

Mary Leggett, Bloomsbury Housemistress at Bede’s, said: “The talk got everyone thinking about the possibilities that our future will open up, and pupils had the opportunity to explore the extent to which things might change over the next 25 years.”

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