Bede’s Prep pupils impress in CSI Curriculum Enhancement Day

February 7, 2018

Year 6 Bede’s Prep pupils took part in a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Curriculum Enhancement Day, organised by Thinkers in Education. Eleven of the pupils scored within the top 5% of participants since the event organiser’s records began, including Reuben Mace who achieved a score within the top 2% of participants.

During the day, the pupils were put into teams representing crime scene investigators, and were given the challenge of investigating the death of a man discovered in a car park on the outskirts of town.

The pupils analysed the crime scene, conducted forensic tests, interpreted evidence and scrutinised statements made by suspects – using techniques spanning from fingerprinting to DNA analysis.

Reuben Mace, Year 6 Pupil at Bede’s, said: “I enjoyed being Chief Inspector of my team and doing forensic science. I liked being Chief Inspector because it made me feel important.”

Fellow Bede’s pupil and event participant, James Berry, added: “This was my most enjoyable day in my Bede’s career. From fingerprinting to DNA extracting, it was very interesting.”

A spokesperson from Thinkers in Education, commented: “Our workshops are designed to challenge highly able pupils and the Bede’s pupils truly stepped up. Team scores – which include pupils’ ability to apply new techniques, analyse new information and synthesise a conclusion – were also very impressive.”