Bede’s pupils shine at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

September 12, 2017

Bede’s sixth form pupils headed to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August to perform ‘Tartuffe’, Moliere’s classic comedy.

The plot features a power hungry imposter, who uses fear and religion to gain power with ridiculous and fabulously entertaining outcomes!

The nine strong ensemble put on five performances at the legendary Sweet Grassmarket venue in the centre of Edinburgh.  Bede’s Head of School, and character ‘Elmire’, Ruby Reeve Moody, reported ‘Due to the vast array of theatre, the average audience at the festival is around six.

We were, therefore, lucky to have large audiences of around forty in our venue, helped by our leafleting and ad hoc performing on the Royal Mile as we dressed in our brightly coloured costumes and wigs, parading and dancing the streets.’

‘The trip offered us all so much, not only confidence as performers and the fantastic opportunity of being part of a company, but also new found experience into discussing and debating theatre. We left physically exhausted, but with new found energy and excitement for the creative world of theatre. Definitely an experience I would love again in the future!’