Bede’s Pupils take part in Anti-Bullying Week

December 28, 2017

Pupils from across all year groups at Bede’s raised awareness for Anti-Bullying Week by taking part in Odd Socks Day, which is part of the Anti-Bullying Alliance Campaign.

The initiative ties into the week’s theme for this year – ‘All Different, All Equal’ – which focuses on promoting difference and equality in schools.

Adelaide Barden, an Upper Sixth pupil at Bede’s, said: “Bede’s has an eclectic mix of pupils from all over the world, something which is to be celebrated. The importance of anti-bullying week cannot be understated; it drums home the importance of accepting everyone and anyone, irrespective of who they are.

“It may seem trivial, but the ability to wear odd socks without being questioned was rather liberating and enlightened me and others to the fact that we are not dissimilar to odd socks – all unique but equally important.”