Bede’s Sixth Form pupils visit Paris

April 27, 2017

On Friday 24 March, a group of Bede’s Sixth Formers and their teachers set off to visit one of the most iconic capital cities, Paris, for a wonderful 3-day trip.

The first morning started with an adventurous walk that took the pupils to Bastille Place, a landmark in the history of French Revolution, the modern building of the Bastille Opera, a popular market place called “le marche d’Aligre” where all enjoyed a wealth of colourful fresh produce including delicious breads and cheeses.

Lower Sixth Former Jack Robinson-Hopkins said of the market, “It may have been my favourite part of the whole trip. It was brilliant to zeroing in on one small, vibrant part of Paris, and it contrasted fantastically with what came next.”

What followed was not one but two memorable visits, with the first being to the Catacombs of Paris, an underground ossuary full of tunnels and caverns that hold the remains of about six million people.  After the subterranean adventure, for contrast the students then journeyed to the Montparnasse Tower where the pupils were able to enjoy a 360-degree view over the city of Paris from 200m above ground level.

Pupil Archie Taylor said of this experience, “By witnessing a fully panoramic view of Paris we were able to gain a true sense of scale and place within the city, whilst also being able to see many of Paris’ most iconic attractions from a new perspective.”

The pupils started the next day by visiting the famous Latin Quarter and the Luxembourg Garden before taking the time to pause and reflect under the guidance of a very knowledgeable guide at the Shoah Jewish Museum. Visiting the Shoah offered many profound moments of enlightenment, with the guide evocatively illuminating the sombre occupation of France during World War 2.

The last day in Paris combined a sight-seeing bus tour around the most famous historic places in Paris with a cruise on the River Seine in one of the Bateaux Parisiens.

French teacher at Bede’s Mrs Annie Bonheur said ‘The trip was a great success and no doubt an enriching experience for the pupils, helping with much-improved speaking skills and specific insight into many aspects of the French A Level syllabus’.