Bede’s take a trip back in time to Canterbury Cathedral

February 17, 2017

Year 6 pupils from Bede’s Prep School have been studying the medieval period in history this year.

This was an exciting time in history and includes events such as 1066 (the last time we were invaded), Magna Carta, the Black Death, the Wars of the Roses and The Peasants’ Revolt. In class, the pupils have been studying King Henry II the founder of the ‘trial by jury system’ that we still use today. For Year 6 however, they have been concentrating on the relationship between King Henry II and his friend the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket and the tragic events that led up to his death.

It is not always easy, to imagine how people lived in the past due to their limited life experience. Therefore, as part of their historical enquiry, Year 6 visited Canterbury Cathedral on Tuesday January 24th.

The trip comes in three parts, a visit to the archives and a chance to learn about and handle documents written in the medieval period. A costume trail around the cathedral led by a history guide and finally a chance to learn about and try medieval activities, stonemasonry, letter writing, pilgrim badge making to name just a few.

The children threw themselves into the roles, learning about where the murder of Thomas actually took place and debating who was actually to blame whilst sitting in the cloisters. They even had the opportunity to act as pilgrims, climbing the cathedral steps to reach Thomas Becket’s tomb on their knees.