A brilliant Bugsy production

April 5, 2017

The girls from Farlington School’s Prep 5 and 6 took part in a spectacular production of Bugsy Malone, providing one of the highlights of the year for the Prep School students. Farlington was commended for it “highly successful prep and senior school drama productions” in its recent Independent Schools Inspectorate report, and this production was of the usual, exceptional standard.

The writer of “Bugsy Malone” said that it was his young son who had come up with idea for the show – and that he had promptly pinched it!

No surprise, because this is a musical that shouts out for young children to enjoy themselves on stage. A wonderful array of period costumes – not to mention splurge guns – immediately transformed Farlington Prep School pupils into the gangsters, speakeasy girls, policemen, boxers and “characters” of New York, 1920’s-style.

Amy Crouch as Fat Sam and Amalia Gazala as Dandy Dan showed excellent stage presence as the rival gang leaders, very ably supported by their henchmen, not least the lugubrious Bonnie Hand as Knuckles. Charlotte Mitchell as Blousey Brown and Amelie Holloway as Tallulah contrasted perfectly as the “love interest” and Amelie invested her song “My Name is Tallulah” with glamour and panache. Esme Allford with her deadpan delivery presented Bugsy as a real and convincing character trying to survive in a tough city.

The musical numbers were sung with gusto – not least the catchy “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam” – and the clever choreography enabled this talented young cast to show they could act, sing and dance. Another hit for the terrific production team of Lucy Cooper and Brian Dallimore.

David Thomas