Brinsbury celebrates birth of 16 rare pigs

February 2, 2017

Two litters of very rare Berkshire piglets have been born at Chichester College’s Brinsbury Farm.

Sows Olive and Loretta each gave birth to eight piglets – meaning the farm, which is part of the college’s Brinsbury campus near Pulborough, is celebrating the arrival of 16 new additions.

Notable for their black colouring, with white ‘socks’, tail and mark on their faces, Berkshire pigs are believed to be the oldest recorded breed of pedigree pig in the country.

The breed was particularly popular in the 19th century, but their numbers declined in the last century, as the emphasis within pig farming turned towards bacon production and white pigs.

Dan Stamper, farm manager at Brinsbury, said: “We are over the moon with the news.

“Olive and Loretta have produced two beautiful litters and all of the piglets are doing really well.

“We are proud to have a thriving herd of Berkshire pigs at Brinsbury.

“Berkshires have loads of character and are very friendly – they will generally do anything for an apple!”