Bruno visits Downlands

July 6, 2017

Once a year the PE Department gathers together to put on a fantastic evening of celebration – celebrating the hard work and sporting endeavour of the students at Downlands.

We know that our students are incredibly talented and once a year they are recognised for all the sports they excel in.

This year was, however, extra special as Brighton & Hove Albion, captain, Bruno joined us to congratulate them.

The students had no idea who the guest of honour was going to be and, to chants of “Bruno, Bruno, Bruno” they certainly showed their appreciation that he had taken the time to visit our school – especially as it was Bruno’s first day back in training after the summer break.

Not only did Bruno hand out the awards in all categories but he spent some time answering questions posed by students in the audience.

We learnt that hard work and determination are the recipe for success and looking after yourself and your nutrition are key to a sporting career. He told us that he was inspired by Pep Guardiola with whom he had played for Catalunia.

One student asked him what he would have done if he had not become a professional footballer, to which he answered “probably fighting to be a professional footballer!” which the audience greeted with cheers.

We felt very honoured to have been visited by such a talented footballer – muchas gracias a Bruno!