CBeebies star urges parents to forge links with youngsters’ schools

February 1, 2018

CBeebies star, storyteller and performer Katy Ashworth wants to encourage more parents to get involved in the education of their children right from the very start by going into their school and building relationships with their teachers. Her message? ‘Get stuck in!’

Katy (pictured), who will be the VIP guest at Burgess Hill Girls Nursery, Infant and Junior School Open Day on Saturday 24th February, says sharing young children’s school environment can bring them closer to their parents.

She says: ‘It also helps to make school more of an extension of family life; different to home, of course, but it means that school and home don’t become such separate entities. And parents get to understand why their children behave as they do when they see them in action at school. You can learn as a parent from seeing how teachers deal with children’s behaviour.

“And I think children like to see that their parents have a relationship with their teachers. I would say to parents, ‘Get stuck in!’”

She adds: “Teachers are almost “secondary parents” when you think that they spend over six hours a day with them, five days a week. That’s a lot of time.”

Katy’s career in children’s presenting and entertainment has spanned over seven years, taking her to all corners of the world to make children and their parents laugh and learn through song, story and games.

At Burgess Hill Girls on 24th February, Katy will be hosting an interactive singing and dancing show at 1pm after which parents will be able to meet her.

Burgess Hill Girls Junior School Head Heather Cavanagh said: ‘We can’t wait for Katy’s visit. Her performances are so warm and engaging; the children absolutely love them. Getting young children involved in all types of creativity and performance from the very start can have a huge impact on their future development.