Chichester College A-level students share results joy

August 19, 2016

Students at Chichester College are getting ready for their next steps after celebrating their A-level results.

Nearly half of the students at the college achieved A*-B grades – which means many have been celebrating getting into the universities of their choice.

Becca Jones achieved two A grades in psychology and English language and a B grade in human biology and is going to Cardiff University study physiotherapy.

She said: “I’m relieved! The exams were really tough and so I didn’t think I was going to get these results. I’m really happy.”

Juliet Taylor was just as excited, after receiving an A* in creative writing and two B grades in English literature and Biology. She is going to University of Sussex to study international relations and development.

She added: “I’m surprised and excited! When I opened my results, I thought it was an A at first so it’s even better than I thought.

“I’m looking forward to starting university – it’s exciting and a little scary!”

Briony Laker has decided to continue her education here at Chichester College, after receiving A* and A grades in creative writing and drama & theatre studies.

She said: “I’m really chuffed. I was hoping to do well so I’m thrilled with my results and I’m looking forward to coming back for another year to do an intensive acting course.”

Alongside the A-level students celebrating their achievements, the college’s AS Level students were also collecting their results after their first year.

Oliver Martello achieved A grades in maths and further maths and a B grade in physics.

He said: “It’s amazing, I can’t quite believe it! I want to study maths at university next year, although I’m still undecided where – I’ve been looking at Imperial, Warwick and Bath.”

Melissa Taylor and Shannon McCarthy were also delighted by their set of results, which included three B grades for Melissa in film, media and geography and an A, B and D grade for Shannon in photography, film and drama.

Melissa said: “I’m really relieved. I was quite nervous but I’m happy with my results and looking forward to my second year.”