Christ’s Hospital 2017 IB pupils achieve a 100% pass rate

July 18, 2017

IB pupils at Christ’s Hospital have gained an impressive set of results this summer, with over a quarter of the cohort of 27 pupils gaining 40 points or more (out of the maximum possible 45).

Almost two thirds achieved 36 points or higher which is equivalent to A*A*AA at A2-level (or 523 UCAS points), while all of the pupils achieved 30 points or more which is equivalent to A*A*A at A2-level (or 392 UCAS points).

Special mention should go to Phoebe Thornhill who achieved 44 points out of 45 and will be taking up her place at Oxford in the autumn to study Biological Sciences.

Other stellar performances were seen from Celine Hou (42 points), Aoife Kelly (42 points), Roberto Salvia (41 points) and Indigo Douglas (also 41 points). By way of comparison, 41 points is equivalent to at least A*A*A*A* at A2-level.  Those pupils who achieved 38 points or more include:

Phoebe Thornhill (44)

Celine Hou (42)

Aoife Kelly (42)

Indigo Douglas (41)

Roberto Salvia (41)

Helen Hou (40)

Riccardo Silvestri (40)

Carolina Trinker (39)

Clemens Vogt (39)

Rafaela Alford (38)

These outstanding results will see the pupils secure places at some of the top universities in this country including Classics at King’s College London, Classics at Edinburgh, English and German Law at King’s College London, English at Warwick, Law at Birmingham, Politics, plus Philosophy and Law at King’s College London.

“I congratulate pupils and their teachers on another superb set of IB results” said John Franklin, Head Master of Christ’s Hospital, “I am delighted and extremely proud of our IB pupils they have achieved some truly outstanding results in this world class qualification.

They have worked tirelessly across six separate subjects and are now well equipped for the demands of university.”