Christ’s Hospital pupils meet Professor Stephen Hawking

March 8, 2017

A group of Christ’s Hospital pupils were invited by the Lord Mayor of the City London, Andrew Parmley, to see Professor Stephen Hawking receive the Honorary Freedom of the City of London at Guildhall on Monday, 6 March.

After the ceremony, the pupils were privileged to be introduced to Professor Hawking and be photographed with him.

Jack Inch, 16, described this momentous occasion: “I am very proud that we had the opportunity of being photographed with the professor, a kind gesture made possible by the Lord Mayor.”

“During the ceremony, the Alderman and members of the council paid tribute to Professor Hawking’s contribution to the fields of theoretical physics and cosmology.

“It was great to see that Professor Hawking possesses such a good sense of humour, sharing memories about his early school life and his life in London.

“After the ceremony, the professor answered questions on artificial intelligence, extraterritorial life and time travel. It was not only a pleasure to meet Professor Hawking but also to be introduced to Professor Fay Dowker from Imperial College London, who was a PhD student under Professor Stephen Hawking.

“We discussed a variety of topics ranging from physics to philosophy including the colonisation of mars and new political systems, quantum electrodynamics, free will and, again, time travel.

“On behalf of all the pupils involved, I would like to thank the Lord Mayor for extending an invitation to our school to attend such important ceremony which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and will be remembered for the rest our lives.”

To receive the Honorary Freedom of the City of London is rare. This has been awarded to Professor Hawking for his outstanding contribution to theoretical physics and cosmology. Only those who are truly exceptional have received this award, such as Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Tim Berners-Lee.


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