Collyer’s help the next generation

May 9, 2017

The Collyer’s community welcomed the parents of students who are coming to the Ofsted Outstanding college from across the region. The evening comprised presentations from Principal Sally Bromley, the senior management team and current students, to help the next generation of students settle-in and get to know Horsham, prior to starting at Collyer’s in the autumn term. Heads and Deputy Heads of Faculty, Heads of House (who manage pastoral support), the Admissions team and the Principal’s PA Linda MacLeman also answered questions in the Sports Hall.

The aim of the evening was to help the next generation of Collyer’s parents to help their sons and daughters settle in to life at Collyer’s. Collyer’s attracts a number of students from across the region and abroad. A record 400 parents attended the event.  

Collyer’s Admissions and International Manager Frances Boulter, who co-ordinated the evening, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to speak to parents from outside of the Horsham area, to give them the full flavour of Collyer’s life.”

The Collyer’s students who supported the event were: Minty Gray, Chloe Gardner, Molly Higgins, Jenny Inglis-Taylor, Amy Knight, Debbie Nyaberi and Ella Rowbotham.  

Jenny Inglis-Taylor said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to speak to new Collyer’s parents and give them an idea of Collyer’s life from the perspective of teachers and current students.”

Amy Knight said: “Collyer’s is such a friendly place and I think it is really important that we welcome those coming to us who may be new to Collyer’s and not know Horsham very well. The parents that I spoke to were very impressed and said their children were really looking forward to the first year students’ Welcome Day in the first week of July.”    

Minty Gray said: “The best advice I gave to the parents was not to worry!”

Senior Tutor Ian McAlister said: “Many thanks to everyone, and particularly these Collyer’s students, for taking time-out to help the parents of students coming from out of the area to prepare for Collyer’s. In addition to academic excellence, the college offers incredible pastoral support and our current students were able to talk about this from first-hand knowledge.”