Farlington Belles at Horsham’s Broadwood Day of Dance

June 2, 2016

Farlington Belles, Farlington School’s morris dancing side, comprising 12 girls from Prep 3 to Prep 6, gathered in Horsham to dance at the recent Broadwood Day of Dance.

The weather was glorious and the girls thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event with the other morris sides.

Emily, Year 6, said: “We danced by the Bandstand and in Piries Place. We danced Young Dilbert, Constant Billy, otherwise known to the girls as Chicken and Jump after they misheard Miss Welsh, the Wassail and Shepherd’s Hey.  There was another morris group called Rampant Roosters and they taught us another dance.  As they had a mascot, a chicken, he danced with us for Chicken and Jump which we all loved.”

The school has congratulated all of the dancers, some of whom have only been coming to practices since January, led by two experienced squires, Emily and Alyssia. There was a wonderful atmosphere as parents, friends and passers-by watched and encouraged them, marvelling at the girls’ enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment as they danced.