Farlington at Salters’ Festival of Chemistry

July 18, 2017

As part of The Salters’ Festival of Chemistry program, Farlington School’s Ellen Cherriman, Julie King, Nikita Patel and Mercedes Hernandez visited the University of Sussex on Thursday 29th June.

Working in the undergraduate chemistry labs, under the guidance of a PhD student, they synthesised two different chemiluminescent compounds: siloxene and luminol. The luminol was used to identify which one of four tablets had been contaminated with a filler called illium.

Using the chemiluminescent properties of siloxene, the students were able to determine quantitatively the percentage of illium impurity in the contaminated tablet. Techniques used included vacuum filtration and titration.

The feedback from the course coordinator was full of praise for the girls; they cooperated effectively with students from other schools, worked safely and tidily and competently used apparatus such as pipettes, volumetric flasks and magnetic stirrer heaters. 

During the day the girls also had the opportunity to experience a short walk around the university campus with their group leader. As a finale, they attended a short lecture on: ‘Tackling Cancer: the old and the new way’.