Farlington’s bridge-building challenge

June 23, 2016

The Year 7 girls at Farlington School proudly displayed the results of their bridge-building challenge.

This project fitted into the topic on Forces they have been studying.

The teachers gave the girls some different bridge types to think about and discussed different functions, such as crossing a deep valley or a wide, shallow river, carrying heavy

traffic or pedestrians.

The girls were asked to research at least two different types of bridge before designing and constructing their own.

Their bridge had to cross a 30cm span and could be entered into one of three categories: creative design, construction design or strength.

The girls were very enthusiastic and worked hard on both the research element and the actual construction, gaining a real sense of achievement from the project.

The final designs were very varied with examples of truss, rope, suspension and arch bridges.

Many girls chose to construct their bridges out of wood, but more unusual materials included granite, bamboo and papier-mâché.