Father’s Day activities at Farlington

June 27, 2017

The fathers of Farlington’s Prep 2 girls enjoyed a fun-packed afternoon of Forest School activities with their daughters on Friday 16th June.

The fathers were welcomed to Farlington by their six- and seven-year-olds, Mrs Willis and Mrs Hunting.  They were then led to the Forest School area where they were given a safety talk by their daughters.

The fathers and daughters spent the afternoon working together in Farlington’s beautiful grounds – sparking a fire, den-making, tree-hugging, tightrope walking and map reading. The afternoon ended with refreshments and delicious Rocky Roads made by the girls. 

The girls loved spending quality time with their fathers and working with them in the Forest School area, while the fathers gained a real insight into the girls’ outdoor learning. A great way to celebrate Father’s Day.