Geography round-up at Farlington

November 24, 2016

Farlington School has an active and dynamic Geography department. Here’s a sample of what it has been up to this term.

Year 7 Geography is always in the news!! September 2016

To start their Geographical journey at Farlington Senior School, Mrs Edgar challenged the girls in Year 7 to a newspaper analysis. Working in pairs the girls had to relate every article in their newspaper to an aspect of Geography and by the end of the lesson the girls were convinced that ‘Geography is indeed absolutely everywhere’!!

Enriching Geographical Experiences – Steve Backshall’s Wild World Tour – Saturday 22nd October

Mrs Edgar, Hannah (Year 9), Cara (Year 8) and Anya (Year 5) attended Steve Backshall’s Wild World tour at the Dorking Halls on Saturday 22nd October. Afterwards they all met Steve in person to discuss their favourite part of the show. Hannah described the show as ‘a unique insight into his adventures in some pretty hazardous locations’ describing Steve’s global travels as ‘completely awe-inspiring – it just makes me want to travel the world’! Cara was equally enthusiastic describing the tour as ‘amazing – it was a fascinating documentary about his life and encounters with nature’.

U6 Geographical Skills A level Investigation at Box Hill – Monday 3rd October 2016

Lizzie Elliott decided to focus on the impact of tourism at Box Hill for her Geographical Skills investigation at A Level. Prior to her data collection day in October, Lizzie had undertaken a pre-visit inspection visit to Box Hill with Mrs Edgar in September to plan her investigation. They spent time with Catherine McCasker – the Education Officer and Ranger at Box Hill discussing Lizzie’s proposal. On Monday, 3rd October, Lizzie spent a day at Box Hill with Mrs Edgar and Mr Dwyer collecting data for her investigation. Lizzie was focusing on the impact of tourism on species diversity and sward height on the chalk grassland south of Salomans Memorial Viewpoint, which is one of the most stunning locations in the Surrey Hills. Mrs Edgar described Lizzie’s work as ‘comprehensive, thorough and detailed which will also be incredibly useful for the National Trust as they will be using her research to help monitor  the impact of visitors on the very fragile chalk grassland at Box Hill’. Lizzie’s investigation and research at Box Hill will contribute towards her Geographical Skills examination in the summer.

Year 8 and Year 9 Enrichment Fieldwork to Box Hill – Thursday 6th October 2016

On Thursday 6th October Mr Dwyer, Mrs Edgar and 15 girls across Years 8 and 9 had the opportunity to participate on an enrichment fieldwork experience at Box Hill. The aim of the enrichment fieldwork was to extend and enrich geographical learning in an outdoor setting. Throughout the day the girls were working with Catherine McCasker, the Education Officer at Box Hill. Catherine guided the girls through the completion of a geographical investigation which considered the delicate balance of conservation and ‘access to all’ which encourages tourists to visit fragile environments.  Anisa in Year 8 described the fieldwork as an ‘amazing opportunity’ not only to fully engage all day in fieldwork, but also to recognise and appreciate the work of the National Trust in preserving the most precious places. The Geography Department will be organising further enrichment fieldwork visits and lunch time workshops for girls in every year.