Hurst College netballers in triple cup win

March 30, 2017

Hot on the heels of their SISNA triple win last week, Hurst College’s netball teams completed another triple win this week in the Sussex Cup.

The U18s cruised through the qualifying stages and were looking forward to a good final against Collyer’s, in preparation for their forthcoming national matches. They dominated the first quarter, took their feet off the pedals in the second quarter, but regained their composure to push through the last two quarters, when they capitalised on their opponent’s errors and managed to convert the turnovers to clinch the cup with a 53-23 win.

Rebecca Jutson, Head of Netball, commented “Collyer’s provided great opposition and continued to push our team mentally and physically. Well done to both sides.”


Having won the SISNA title last week, the U15s appeared confident but cautious as they prepared for a tough game against Brighton College in their final. The girls finished the first quarter 13-5 up and managed to stretch their lead in the second quarter. Their defence across the entire court was first class and forced many turnovers. They continued to play excellent netball throughout the second half, making the most of any turnovers, to take the trophy with a 44-29 victory.


In the knowledge that all previous matches had always been closely contested, the U12’s final against Brighton Prep followed a similar pattern. The teams were neck and neck throughout and as the final whistle blew Brighton equalised and the match went into extra time. After the first half the teams remained on level terms, until the Hurst girls stepped it up a gear with two crucial turnovers to win the match and the title 25-22.

Rebecca Jutson, Head of Netball, commented, “The game was intense and exhausting but the mental approach from our group of 11 and 12 year olds was quite impressive. The victory was a demonstration of good team work and determination – the girls were delighted.”


Hurst’s U14s went into the Sussex Cup final having had a strong season but as the underdogs in their match. The team dynamics were changed the week leading up to final due to an injury but the whole squad worked hard at training. The game started slowly due to nerves but once the girls were warmed up they started to turn the ball over regularly, force errors and score goals. The team gave it everything they had but Brighton won the cup 26-33, however the Hurst girls walked off the court proud of what they had achieved this season.