School teacher secures publishing deal for teen novel

April 5, 2017

A Prep School teacher at Hurst College has secured a publishing deal for her debut teen novel ‘The Breathing Sea’.

After four years writing and editing her novel Lindsay Galvin (known as Mrs Moakes at Hurst) met with Barry Cunningham of Chicken House books, the publisher who discovered Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The announcement for the book went live on the Chicken House Books website this month.

‘The Breathing Sea’ is a sci-fi adventure and follows a group of teenagers stranded on a desert island as they uncover a thrilling underwater secret. The story centres on orphaned siblings Aster and Reed who wake on an idyllic island, their short-term memories wiped and their younger brother missing, and encounter a boy, Kayo, who lives and breathes underwater.

 Lindsay is Head of Key Stage 2 Science at Hurst Prep School. She had the idea for the book over four years ago but had no experience of creative writing and wasn’t sure if she would have the time to write a novel. “I turned the TV off in the evenings and wrote for a couple of hours a day, and after a few months had a first draft. Creating the story was completely engrossing, I was hooked on writing.”

 Lindsay described her journey to publication to Hurst Prep School pupils in an assembly on resilience. “This is my first book so I wasn’t really expecting it to be published, but I loved writing it so much, I wanted to get it into readers hands, so had to give it a go. After over twenty rejections from literary agents I rewrote the entire novel and was thrilled to receive multiple offers of representation. With my agent, I edited further and the novel was submitted to publishers. After more rejections from major publishing houses, which were all complimentary, I secured the deal. Chicken House have always been my dream publisher, so I could not be more delighted.”

 ‘The Breathing Sea’ will be on sale in summer 2018 under Mrs Moakes’ maiden name Lindsay Galvin.

 Further information about the book is available on the Chicken House Books website: