Snakes, police profiling and hypnosis!

April 24, 2017

Psychology students from Collyers have just returned from a three-day visit to London, where they explored psychology related themes at the Science Museum, London Zoo and the National History Museum. In addition, the group took part in a Jack the Ripper Walk, during which the students deepened their knowledge of the origins of modern day police profiling.   

Psychology teacher Kasia Chapman explained: “Without a doubt, London, as a destination, has the highest concentration of psychology related educational opportunities. This abundance of venues and events was enjoyed by all 38 psychology students and accompanying staff during the trip.”

The students learnt about sleep insomnias and irrational phobias during two separate sessions that included hypnosis and handling of a snake called Wellington – a real highlight of the trip!  

At London Zoo, students also engaged in the tricky activity of observing animals – a huge part of psychological research.

Kasia Chapman said: “The group realised that observing animals requires a great deal of dedication and patience, because science demands that observations are done in a rigorous and detailed fashion in order to produce reliable, valid findings.”

In addition, the students also analysed the classic film One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Kasia said: “The film had a great impact too, as the students were stunned by the powerful storyline that highlighted the psychiatrists’ inability to give reliable diagnosis of mental illness, resulting in devastating consequences.

“Overall, the trip