Weather Day fieldwork completed

June 22, 2017

Farlington Year 8 Geographers successfully completed their ‘Weather Day’ fieldwork recently.

Students worked in teams to make their own weather instruments, using only the materials found in their resource boxes. With strict time-limits this was a tough challenge, but the students excelled themselves and produced some tremendous rain gauges, sun dials and wind socks!

Students then carried out a microclimate investigation within the delightful Farlington School grounds.

The aim was to establish which sites would be the best for locating wind turbines and solar panels. Ten very different sites around the school were chosen and data was collected on the temperature, the level of cloud cover and the direction and speed of the wind.

Annotated photographs of each site were produced using the ‘Skitch’ app on the school iPads. Students learned about the impact of aspect, surface type and level of shelter on the microclimate within the school. Using the excellent Farlington ICT suite, the girls then worked in groups to produce reports on their findings.

At the end of the day prizes were given out to the groups who created the best weather instruments and the most thoughtful microclimate report. Some exceptionally high quality Geography work was produced; the girls really enjoyed working collaboratively and the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.