200 Sussex children play in St Andrew’s Prep’s inaugural rugby festival

February 14, 2019

St Andrew’s Prep hosted its hugely successful inaugural mini rugby festival with 19 club teams aged U10 and U11 from across the county committing to play.

St Andrew’s Prep hosted its inaugural mini rugby festival last weekend with 19 club teams aged U10 and U11 from across the county committing to play.

Over 200 children took part, cheered on by supporting parents, friends and coaches. The inclement weather did nothing to dampen the spirits and the atmosphere was immensely positive.

The Brighton Bolts U10s coach said, “A huge thank you to everyone who made Sunday one of my favourite rugby days ever… players, staff, support and the St Andrew’s Prep hospitality were superb. I have coached mini rugby for seven years and played for the last 35 years and would still put down Sunday at St Andrew’s as one of my top rugby days! The rugby on show was of a great standard, the support was positive and encouraging…the perfect environment.”

St Andrew’s Prep Headmaster, Gareth Jones said, “I am so proud of the spirit in which this festival was played and I’m thrilled that it has been so positively received and supported. At this young age, rugby allows children to experience the wonderful feeling of being part of a team; it helps them to build self-esteem and confidence and, alongside developing their fitness, it helps them to develop their social skills. All of these are key life skills and very much a part of the St Andrew’s Prep ethos.. And, on top of that, we raised a considerable amount for the school’s charity, Cystic Fibrosis. I’m delighted.”

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