Aspiring medic workshop at Farlington

October 18, 2018

Farlington Senior School hosted its second Aspiring Medic Workshop on Monday 15th October. This was aimed at students considering a career in the medical field and was attended by 53 students from Farlington and other local schools.

This innovative workshop was run by Operating Theatre Live, a travelling, school-based, medical programme.  The team converted the Sports Hall into an operating theatre, allowing students to get hands-on with real anatomy in a clinical setting.

The day started with a dramatic entrance into a mock-surgical theatre. There was then an introduction to Medicine and the NHS where the students got some inside information on how to apply for medical-based degree courses. They also received some very useful advice on how to be successful in their applications and what the requirements for entry to these courses are at various universities.

The session went onto some of the scenarios you may be faced with as a junior doctor or nurse and the emotional strength and skills needed to deal with those situations, the different professionals needed in the various scenarios and the range of skills you would need to possess to cope with the environment.

The students then got hands-on experience of dissecting a range of different anatomical structures, looking at different pathologies associated with the structures along the way. It was a fun, exciting and very informative event at which the students got to experience some real-life procedures as surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses.