Bede’s prep children enjoy trips to Bede’s Zoo and Lewes Castle

November 14, 2018

It has been a busy month for Bede’s Nursery and Pre-Prep pupils, who have travelled from the School in Eastbourne for trips to Bede’s Zoo at the Senior School in Upper Dicker and Lewes Castle.

At Bede’s Zoo, the children learned about animal management and welfare as they discovered the 70 species of animal living there (from mammals, birds and amphibians, to reptiles, fish and invertebrates). Bede’s Zoo – the only school animal management unit of its kind in the country – was extended in September 2018 with six brand-new enclosures, housing African birds, Madagascan lemurs, and South American squirrel monkeys.

Michelle Gladstone, Nursery Curriculum Lead and Acting Head of Nursery, says, “The children loved learning about all the different animals living at Bede’s Zoo. Each child had a turn to hold a gecko and a snake, as well as play ball with the white fluffy rabbit and watch the tortoise move slowly across the floor. The monkeys were definitely a favourite; the children loved watching them jump from tree to tree!”

On their trip to Lewes Castle, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils enjoyed a variety of workshops led by the knowledgeable Lewes Castle staff and explored all areas of the site.

Rachel Potter, Acting Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery, says, “They children were enthralled by the secret story and drama room hidden within the Castle, where they learned about specific jobs and work people did in the Castle. Dressing up as Medieval people proved a popular activity, giving the children opportunity for some hands-on Drama. They were also lucky to also experience handling real artefacts and trying on specific armour relating to medieval times.”

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