Bede’s Prep pupils fundraise to help the Amazon

February 17, 2020

Year 4 children at Bede’s Prep School in Eastbourne have organised a charity lemonade sale to raise vital funds for the conservation of the Amazon. The £140 raised will be sent to the WWF’s Amazon Appeal.

The children were inspired to raise funds for the cause following lessons about the Amazon Rainforest as part of their wider academic work on the geography and culture of South America. 

Miriam McDonell, Teacher and Charities Coordinator at Bede’s Prep, says, “Pupils have become very passionate about doing their bit to help save the precious rainforest from destruction. They were shocked to find out, for example, that one football pitch area of rainforest is destroyed every single minute despite the fact that the Amazon produces 20% of the Earth’s oxygen.

“Alongside their amazing fundraising efforts, pupils wrote impassioned letters to the Prime Minister urging him to act on the issue. They have also designed beautiful, bold protest posters which involved experimenting with various fonts to make an impact.”


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