Farlington turns purple for pancreatic cancer awareness month

November 28, 2018

Staff at Farlington School wore 50 shades of purple and bought purple cakes to support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month to highlight the importance of early diagnosis.

The Senior School staff room was turned purple and lilac cakes were made by the talented Jane from Harrison Catering.

The ‘Wear Purple Day’ has been organised by Sue Cooper, Farlington’s Head of Textiles, for the last five years at Farlington, every year since her brother, Adrian Bunting, died from pancreatic cancer, aged 47.  Sue says, “He wasn’t diagnosed as having cancer by his doctor, but only when he went to A&E.  

“There he was told he had only four to five weeks to live. Sadly, this is true for many. Pancreatic cancer is hard to diagnose and the only hope for any treatment is early diagnosis.”

The event also marks the loss of our former Catering Manager, Mark Bell. Mark was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and fought bravely to fight the disease and raise awareness. Mark, along with his family, raised a phenomenal amount of funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer. He is greatly missed by the whole Farlington community.

The Turn It Purple campaign calls for businesses and individuals to highlight the fifth deadliest cancer in the UK by turning the UK purple every November which is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. More information can be found on the Pancreatic Cancer UK website – www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk.

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