Mental Health Awareness at Great Ballard School

May 31, 2018

This term, Great Ballard School has launched its iSpace Wellbeing programme as a ‘pioneering school’. iSpace is a new and ever-developing mental health and wellbeing educational programme for children aged 4-11 which is delivered in PSHE lessons.

The importance of children’s mental health and wellbeing is better known now than ever and in recognition of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ we wanted to share this wonderful new venture.

iSpace offers a child friendly approach to mental health and wellbeing by using characters and stories, teaching children how to ‘be calm and deal with their niggles and stressors’.

Statistics show that 1 in every 10 children have a diagnosed mental health condition.

Nationally on average that is 3 in every classroom and those are just the children who have received a diagnosis.

Also, only 1 in 5 children get the help they need. iSpace was designed to ensure that every child has access to mental health and wellbeing education and takes a proactive, not reactive, approach to prepare and teach children how to tackle any issues they may face. The curriculum and toolkit gives them a language and the ‘who and how’ to ask for help, not only does it help children but their parents too.

Form 4 teacher and iSpace Lead Becky Grover: “Pupils at Great Ballard are certainly enjoying the programme so far and are really getting into the stories. With mental health becoming less of a taboo it is important we teach our children how to deal with their emotions, be open and provide them with the necessary tools to tackle and overcome such issues.”

Last week, iSpace founder, Paula Talman, visited Great Ballard to give a talk to parents.

They were certainly impressed and one parent said: “It is a wonderful initiative for the school to be involved with. I am truly grateful that my children will have the opportunity to learn about this subject, it is so important.”

To find out more about iSpace visit

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