Christ's Hospital

The Christ’s Hospital campus is nothing short of majestic. From the moment you arrive you’ll see that it is a very special place. Sweeping sports fields, beautiful buildings and our spectacular Quad are immediately visible.

The School has 16 boarding houses, two Upper Sixth Form residences, its own purpose-built theatre, modern sports centre, music school and art school. The School has in place an ongoing programme of renovation and rebuilding.

The majority of pupils and teachers live on site, creating a community where pupils are happy and secure, with an extensive range of activities on their doorstep. The seven-day week boarding school environment provides the time and space for pupils to develop their interests and talents, and to live and work successfully with others from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Christ’s Hospital welcomes day pupils who are within a commutable distance from the School. Day pupils enjoy all the advantages of a top boarding school with access to an exceptional co-curricular programme.

Short History

Christ’s Hospital (CH) is one of the famous Royal Hospitals of London, whose foundation marked the beginning of the social services in Tudor England. Inspired by a sermon by Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, the young King Edward VI instructed the Lord Mayor, Sir Richard Dobbs, to appoint a committee of leading citizens to consider remedies and relief for the City’s homeless poor. Their work, and subsequently their philanthropy, led to the founding of the five great Hospitals all supporting different needs. CH, established in the monastery of the Grey Friars in Newgate Street, embraced the task of educating and nourishing the destitute children of the City and took children of all social backgrounds and ages.

In November 1552, CH opened its doors to 380 pupils and, within a year, the number had increased to over 500. Many children, including 100 of the first 380, were infants who were sent away to CH Hertford to be looked after. When they reached 10 they returned to CH London.

Christ’s Hospital Today

Christ’s Hospital is an independent co-educational boarding and day school of 900 pupils with an equal mix of boys and girls aged 11-18. The School is located in West Sussex in the south east of England. It is situated in stunning countryside between London and Brighton, 20 miles south of London Gatwick and 38 miles from London Heathrow. The School is fortunate in having its own mainline railway station with regular trains to London, Gatwick Airport and the South Coast.

Christ’s Hospital is unique for a UK independent boarding school in that it offers more bursary places than other schools. This stems from our founding charter as a charitable school. School fees are paid on a means tested basis, with substantial subsidies paid by the School, so that pupils from all corners of society are able to have a high quality, independent boarding school education that would otherwise be beyond their means.

“Whilst other school fee assistance schemes have come and gone, Christ’s Hospital has stuck to its charitable aims since it was founded in 1552: educating the financially, socially and otherwise needy for free, or at a reduced rate, in a caring boarding environment. Today these pupils sit happily alongside the full fee payers and the School’s pupil profile is one of which its royal founder, Edward VI, would have been proud.”  Kate, former parent

What is so special about Christ’s Hospital is the extent of the resources on offer: 24/7 teachers, supported prep sessions, a broad range of activities including societies like the medics group to help with university applications as well as extensive and impressive sports facilities. When pupils start at Christ’s Hospital they are encouraged to join in and to have a go, to discover new hobbies, to make use of the wonderful facilities on site and to ensure they get the most out of their time at the School.

The School is unashamedly academic – with 98% of pupils moving on each year to the leading universities in this country and abroad.

Pupils’ fees are assessed according to family income, so that it is a child’s ability and potential to benefit from a Christ’s Hospital education that determines their selection. This results in a social and cultural diversity that enriches our school community and offers our pupils unique opportunities as we prepare them to take their place in the modern world.

Why we are called Christ’s Hospital

Christ’s Hospital’s name derives from being founded in the parish of Christchurch, London. During the Middle Ages, hospitals served different functions from modern institutions. Medieval hospitals were alms houses for the poor, hostels for pilgrims, or hospital schools. The word “hospital” derives from the Latin noun hospitium and came to signify hospitality.

One hundred years after the founding of Christ’s Hospital and the signing of the Royal Charter by Edward VI in 1553, a painting was commissioned to celebrate this historic event.

Note from the Head

Challenge: a word that has underpinned our approach for over 460 years.

My vision for Christ’s Hospital is for it to continue to challenge disadvantage through transformative education.

Christ’s Hospital is widely known in the UK for its outstanding education principle and its diverse breadth of pupils. It is our mission to continue to enable those from all corners of society to come together and thrive regardless of their background.

A CH pupil’s experience centres on building and strengthening attributes based on resilience, perseverance, compassion, willing service and empathy. These attributes form the pillar-strength principles of the Christ’s Hospital curriculum.

I want pupils to embrace challenge in all its forms. Pupils will feel what it is like to be challenged and, having been challenged, will themselves challenge intelligently, and that spirit is quickly realised from the moment the pupils first enter Christ’s Hospital. ‘To challenge’ is understood to be part of a creative, productive, and transformative process, which helps equip pupils to shape positively the societies they belong to long after they have left.

The journey our pupils make from the time they arrive to when they leave is often profoundly rewarding, and along the way we support their growing resilience and success as they move on to university and beyond. We delight in their achievements and welcome them back to inspire and encourage current pupils.

I look forward to welcoming you to our remarkable School.

Simon Reid, Head Teacher

School news

21st Feb 2020
Delegates from schools all over the country convened at Christ’s Hospital on 13 February for the School’s first-ever pupil-led Conference, on the topic of Mental Health and Wellbeing. The event was organised by a group of 19 senior pupils at Christ’s Hospital, with minimal help from staff and ... more
24th Jan 2020
Nine Christ’s Hospital pupils are celebrating news of their university offers from Oxford and Cambridge, following a gruelling application process. The successful students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including students on bursaries, something Christ’s Hospital prides itself on, as ... more
12th Dec 2019
On Thursday, December 5, more than 70 elderly and disabled people from the local area, were welcomed to Christ’s Hospital by staff and pupils, to enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch sponsored by J.K. Leech of Coolham. Entertainment was provided by some of the Christ’s Hospital pupils and ... more
3rd Dec 2019
On Saturday, November 16, Christ's Hospital held its annual Advanced Debate Model United Nations conference. Pupils from Christ’s Hospital went up against delegates from Wycombe Abbey, Worth and Royal Hospital School, making the total number of pupils attending about 100. Pupils thoroughly ... more
21st Nov 2019
Christ’s Hospital School Band made its 38th appearance at the Lord Mayor’s Show in London on Saturday, November 9, reaffirming the School’s historic connections with the City of London. The musicians were 111th in the running order of 143 participants. They played their signature piece and ... more
25th Oct 2019
Kensie McNaught, a Year 12 pupil at Christ’s Hospital near Horsham, has been selected for the England High Performance Training Squad for Touch Rugby. Kensie will make her International debut for England in late October, when she travels with the England squad to play in the European Challenge ... more
16th Oct 2019
Christ’s Hospital school, near Horsham, has stopped giving out single use plastic bottles to pupils and has instead invested in giving every one of its 900 pupils a reusable water bottle. The idea was born when a group of pupils and staff started an eco-club last year, called the Christ’s ... more

School details

Address: Christ's Hospital Horsham West Sussex RH13 0LJ
Phone: 01403 211293
Head: Simon Reid
Founded: 1552
Pupils: 900
Ages: 11-18
Prospectus: N/A


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