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HAPPY is a word constantly used by staff and pupils alike at Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove –  and they genuinely are.

Smiling faces greet you at every door, children are relaxed and confident, absorbed in their learning. Wherever my year 8 tour guide took me he spontaneously recalled genuine moments of joy and happiness during his time at the school.

From building rocket cars in DT to using Bunsen burners in science, from “the best” form tutor to the “cool” RS teacher who proclaims `the only way is ethics’ to the history teacher who brought the subject alive, tales of loving school were abundant.

Starting in the delightful nursery housed in the neighbouring bungalow through to the fantastic music rooms tucked away in the roof of the old school house, there is a relaxed feeling where children are keen to learn.

Lots of green outdoor space creates a calming spacious environment for a school in the heart of a bustling seaside city.

New head Kirsty Keep explained Lancing Prep at Hove’s special quality: “Lancing Prep is a school with a vein of goodness running through it and that’s what makes it different. The children know each other and care for each other and that can be seen every break time and lunch time. The school feels like one big family.

“It is a school that has ethics and philosophy at the heart of what it does. Children have space to develop and grow as individuals. Lancing Prep at Hove is a school with a sense of morality but one that is very much in the modern world.”

A new multi-purpose building is currently under construction. This state-of-the-art space for assemblies, dining, indoor sports, music and drama performances is the beginning of a phase of projects that will create an exciting new future for the school.

Lancing Prep at Hove is a school that vows to grab a child’s interest and ability and develop it to its highest possible level; it wants children to have the confidence to give things a go and not be afraid to go wrong and make mistakes.

Someone once described Lancing Prep at Hove as “a community of learning, rather than a school”. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, from the children through to teachers, staff and parents – it’s all about being part of one big family.

“Children here are very outward looking,” explained Mrs Keep. “These children appreciate they are very lucky to be at a school like this but they look beyond this school to the world outside and engage with it. Lancing Hove is a very well rounded school.”

As a newcomer to the school Mrs Keep is not blowing her own trumpet when it comes to singing its’ praises. “The one thing that astonished me is that this is a school where there is space – not just physical in the large site we have but space in the pupils’ days for them to let off steam and to be children,” she explained. “There is space in their timetable for them to run, space to play and space to have down time from being in a structured learning environment and classroom. They truly get to be children. I quickly came to realise how unbelievably precious that space was.”

Proudly a mixed ability, non-selective school,  children are prepared for Common Entrance and academic scholarships. They are challenged academically so they achieve their best but to ensure every pupil finds what they excel at great importance is also placed on art, drama, music and sport.

Timetabled day runs from 8.25am-4.30pm but pupils can chose to stay for an extra hour to do homework or join one of the many activities on offer including music clubs, sailing and sports clubs. Ninety-nine percent of extracurricular activities are included in the fees.

Kitchen forms the heart of any home and the dining hall is at the heart of Lancing Prep at Hove – pupils all sit at tables with a member of staff and  freshly prepared food is brought to the table and served. Chatter fills the hall as children and staff share tales. Snacks and fruit are also provided for the children at break times.

There could be no better advert for the school than the charming, confident prefect who showed me around. If his happy demeanour is anything to go by, Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove is definitely getting the academic and pastoral balance right, giving its children a great start in life.

Note from the Head

Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove can open the doors to a world of opportunity for your child.

We aim to provide every child with opportunities to achieve their very best within a broad and varied curriculum. Whilst ensuring that each child achieves their very best in academia, with our ultimate focus being on success in Scholarship and Common Entrance in Year 8, there is much more to be found than academia alone. Central to our curriculum beliefs is the idea that all pupils have at least one area in which they can excel, and to that end we place great importance on the teaching of Art, Drama, Music and Sport alongside those subjects you would expect to find in the National Curriculum. Once again, standardised testing shows that pupils are working above the expected national levels. All of our Year 8 leavers typically gain places at their first choice schools and a high percentage attain scholarships or awards in so doing.

In order for our pupils to succeed and achieve their best, we know the importance of giving them an environment in which they feel happy and secure. School days are vibrant and busy, and the children are encouraged to be brave, to push themselves to be the best they can, and not to be afraid of making mistakes in pursuit of learning. We run the school on family lines, each child being given a sense of their true worth as an individual but also as part of the family. Pupils are taught to respect others, to work as part of a team, and to maintain the traditional values so often forgotten in the modern world. Much of our ethos is drawn from the fact that we are a Christian-based school. The morning assembly often reflects our Christian beliefs but does not exclude those from other religions. This ethos is maintained as the pupils move on to Lancing College, our Senior School and the usual destination after Common Entrance.

Whilst we are proud of our traditions, we are also a forward-thinking school, looking to build upon our past successes to achieve even greater heights in the future. By the time pupils leave Lancing Prep Hove we hope that they will have acquired a confidence and a self-belief, together with a set of values that will remain with them throughout their lives. This website is of course only a snapshot of the school and I hope that it will encourage you to come and take a closer look. I look forward to meeting you and your children here at Lancing Prep Hove.

Mrs Kirsty Keep


“I love coming to school, it’s just like being at home”
Year 6 pupil

Year 3 pupil

“Vibrant community”

School news

19th Mar 2018
Lancing Prep Hove stayed open in the snow, much to the pupils’ delight, as they created snow art and played with snowballs outside on our school field but one disappointment was that the school decided to postpone celebrating World Book Day for a week, as dressing up costumes would not have ... more
13th Oct 2017
Lancing Prep Hove and College alumnus, Mason Crane, has returned to his old prep school in Hove for the formal opening of its superb new £2.5m school hall. Mason, 20, who plays cricket for Hampshire and has just been named in the winter 2017 Ashes squad for Australia, unveiled the Laurent ... more
29th Jun 2016
Lancing College Preparatory School at Hove have organised their own mock referendum with all pupils and staff being invited to take part.  So far, over 90% of the children have placed their vote, with the polling station closing at 3.30pm today.   The children have been preparing for this ... more

School details

Address: The Droveway, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 6LU
Phone: 01273 503452
Head: Mrs Kirsty Keep
Founded: 1896
Pupils: 239
Ages: 2 - 13
Ofsted / ISI: Click to view the report
Prospectus: N/A


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