Slindon College - 'Specialist, not a special school'

Slindon College offers carefully structured and tailored education for boys who don’t thrive in a mainstream environment.

Housed in grand Tudor manor surrounded by picturesque countryside, the day and boarding school supports wide variety of needs including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and mild autism, as well as school refusers who have previously been unhappy in education.

But it characterises itself as ‘specialist, not a special school’.

Admissions registrar Jenny Davies says: “Slindon is the answer for boys for whom mainstream is not suitable, for whatever reason. They may have learning difficulties or be a bit vulnerable.”

Between 75 and 100 boys aged 10 to 16 attend the school at any time, typical class sizes of six to eight and never more than 12.

Vibrant displays of paintings, textiles and ceramics cover the walls and fill display cabinets all around the school, clearly signposting pupils’ passion for art. Those who struggle with academic study often find great love for art or music, and have the chance to experiment with graphics photography and design. Uncovering hidden talents can be transformative for these boys, who may have suffered years of frustration. Astronomy and horticulture are also very popular. School is home to two friendly donkeys, two pigs and a growing number of other animals.

Jenny says: “If they’re having trouble with something, the boys often come to talk to and stroke the donkeys.”

Lessons structured so boys can work at their own pace. Visual programmes are used, including pictorial timetables which particularly benefit children on the autistic spectrum.

From the outset in Year 7, children have specialist subject classrooms. Thoughtful and practical solutions are in place to ensure pupils can move between these with ease, and focus on learning. ‘Box system’ is used, giving each pupil a tub in every classroom to store work and books, meaning they don’t have to carry it around with them.

“If a boy doesn’t turn up when he should and with the things he should have, we don’t punish him, because that’s why he’s here,” says Jenny. “Instead we look at what we can do to help him find coping strategies.”

Instead of excluding children for erratic behaviour, focus is on rewarding progress.

Boys in Years 7-9 have half an hour of prep each morning when they do their ‘homework’, allowing them to be unencumbered in the evenings. All do quiet reading after that, giving a clear focus many have previously lacked. Results are remarkable, with some boys improving their reading age by three years within 18 months.

Slindon proudly tells of pupils who came to the school unable to read and write, who left with glowing GCSEs. This progress is the result of work by highly experienced and dedicated staff.

Jenny says: “Because we’re small, we can work closely to provide tailored support. We have one-to-one support for those who need it, and a very high number of learning support assistants who tend to stay with the same class right through the school They get to know the boys’ strengths and where they need most help.”

Excellent IT facilities give pupils access to computers for lessons and research. The ICT suite is next to the main hall, formerly the manor house lounge. Many original features remain including ornate ceilings and large fireplaces, giving the building a homely feel. The hall is used for assemblies and performances. “Concerts aren’t just for the boys who are very good at music,” says Jenny. “The boy who’s just learnt how to play ‘Three Blind Mice’ using two fingers can join in as well.”

Boarders live upstairs in the main house, enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Younger boys share cosy rooms between two to four, depending on preferences and social requirements. Juniors have large communal bathroom and comfortable family room where they can relax.

More mature pupils have spacious bedrooms, and by the time they reach Year 11 all have a private room to sleep and study.

Matron is responsible for health and wellbeing, and also acts as confidant. School counsellor is also on hand whenever required.

Life lessons cover wide range of topics, including things like cost of car insurance and tax for students nearing the age when they hope to take to the road. Mechanics is a popular after school club, with boys learning how to pump tyres, check windscreen wipers and oil levels. The school even has its own dual-controlled car and offers pupils lessons in the safety of the grounds.

Jenny says: “Some of our boys do extremely well in their GCSEs but many will not achieve high grades, and it’s the life and social skills that we can hone that will make the most difference. All boys do cookery for at least an hour a week. They learn to use the ovens, washing machines and dishwashers too – we make sure by the time they leave us they are capable of cooking themselves a proper meal.”

Slindon’s flexible and undogmatic approach works wonders, and ensures every child gets the most out of their education.

Note from the Head

At Slindon College we believe that anything is possible. Our aim is to help every individual find the way that will work best for him. To achieve this, we provide a wide ranging and varied curriculum, supported by a vast array of extra-curricular activities, to enable each student to gain skills, knowledge and confidence that will take them forward to successful careers and happy lives I want children to enjoy their education at Slindon College, so that they engage with learning. I believe that with the right interventions and support all young people can overcome any barriers to learning and fulfil their potential.

Our successes speak for themselves; they are achieved by determined and motivated students who are supported by dedicated members of staff who have the students interests and happiness at the centre of all they do.

Our website gives you a chance to see some aspects of life in this busy boarding and day school and to read about what happens here. What is not really possible to convey is the atmosphere of the school, which you will only be able to appreciate by visiting us. To arrange a visit please call Jenny Davies, our Registrar on 01243 814320.

I look forward to meeting you!

David Quick


"The nurturing and support that Cian has received at Slindon College has been exceptional. He has developed into a confident and committed learner who is proud of his achievements in school."
Michael and Colette Jones, parents.

"Slindon College has provided a safe, nurturing environment for Dominic to learn and grow. The result is that he has the confidence and self-belief to reach for his dreams and achieve them."
Pauline Setters, parent.

"From the time my three sons arrived at Slindon College they progressed in leaps and bounds. They became confident and self-assured very quickly and have achieved and are achieving far greater than we ever imagined. My youngest son who still attends Slindon enjoys every moment of his time in school and can’t wait for the school holidays so end so he can return! A very pleasant schooling experience for them all."
Susanna Besley, parent and Chair of PTA.

School news

13th Oct 2017
Slindon’s Greenpower team achieved 2nd place in the Greenpower F24+ Championship at Rockingham speedway circuit in Corby at the weekend.  They were up against a field of 30 vehicles including the Jaguar/Landrover team.  Their vehicle “Lightening 1” was driven by Sixth former, Charlie ... more
6th Jul 2017
Charlie Barton (Year 13) achieved a very impressive Greenpower Electric Car victory in the Goodwood Heat 2017, part of the Greenpower F24+ championships. Charlie beat twenty five competitors in the F24+ national section and the second place car from Poland.  He also achieved the fastest lap ... more
22nd Jun 2017
Students  from the Creative Arts Department at Slindon presented a dazzling showcase of their diverse and highly talented work. This involved work from pupils across all art disciplines and year groups. The work included Year 7 Textiles in the form of Lino Cushion Covers along with ... more
2nd Feb 2017
An exhibition recently held at Arundel Museum featured work from the pupils at Slindon College. The exhibition focussed on creativity and expression and showcased a selection of high quality work produced from the lower school, GCSE and A level pupils. The school specialises in supporting ... more
24th Nov 2016
Slindon College were delighted to welcome two new residents to their animal kingdom this week. Thirteen week old weaner piglets, Margot (a British All-Black) and Barbara (a Berkshire)  joined the existing animal community of ducks, chickens, donkeys and alpacas and will help to extend the ... more

School details

Address: Slindon, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 0RH
Phone: 01243 814320
Head: David Quick
Founded: 1946
Pupils: 85 Boys: Boarders - 35, Day Boys - 50
Ages: 8-16
Prospectus: Request a Prospectus


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